How much is a golf cart?

Discover new and used golf cart prices, compare Electric, Gas and Lithium Golf Carts and more in this helpful guide.


Golf Cart Prices: A Quick Overview

When considering the purchase of a golf cart, the first step is to determine your budget and understand the factors affecting the price. Many buyers wonder, "how much does a golf cart cost?" Unfortunately, there's no straightforward answer online, as many websites are biased toward specific brands. But not us! We love all golf cart brands. And today we will help you find out just how much a golf cart is going to cost you. To determine the cost of a golf cart, consider these three key factors that make up golf cart prices:

  1. Golf Cart Brands
  2. Golf Cart Type & Power
  3. New vs. Used Golf Carts

Golf Cart Brands

There are several amazing golf cart brands available on the market, each with unique features and pricing. 

Major Golf Cart Brands

  • Club Car Golf Cart: Around since 1958, and known for their aluminum frames. One of the best cart brands money can buy. 
  • EZGO Golf Cart: World's most popular golf cart brand since 1954. Also owns Cushman brand golf carts.
  • Yamaha Golf Carts: Dependable and reliable quality. Everything you'd expect from this Japanese mega company.

Brands Rising in Popularity

Honorable Mention Brands

There are several more brands out there, such as Cushman Golf Carts, Tomberlin Golf Carts, Bintelli Golf Carts, GEM Car, VIVID EV, etc.! The cost of carts from these different brands varies widely, with some entry-level new golf cart models starting as low as $6,795, while high-end luxury models (such as Garia Golf Carts) can go upwards of $35,000+. To learn more about all of the brands on the market please read our helpful guide: All Golf Cart Brands on the Market

Golf Cart Types and Power Level

Golf Cart Type

After choosing a brand you like, the next most important consideration in golf cart cost is the powertrain type. You will need to choose between three main golf cart types:

  1. Electric Golf Carts: Clean operation, especially indoors. Cheap to run (no fuel). But can be stranded when you run out of charge, and golf cart batteries are not cheap to replace. Still, 80%+ of new carts are electric. This is by far the most popular power golf cart power type out there
  2. Gas Golf Carts: Great power delivery (gas engines). Can be slightly more expensive to run when it comes to maintenance and fuel costs, but will never leave you stranded. Most utility carts and outdoor facility golf carts are gas. And gas is always more fun! 
  3. Lithium Golf Carts: Lithium golf carts have grown incredibly in their popularity since 2020. These carts charge up to 80% full battery in under an hour. A full 100% charge only takes 3-hours. Power delivery is strong all they way until your battery runs out. Truly amazing power type, but they are the most expensive cart type out there.

When it all comes down to it, Gas and Electric golf carts are very similar in price and maintenance costs. Gas carts cost more to operate day to day, but electric carts cost more when their batteries die and you have to spend $1,500 or more on a new set. Lithium golf carts cost much more up-front than standard electric or gas golf carts. But Lithium golf cart batteries will last 10-years, and have almost no maintenance to them. Saving you money in the long-term.

We discuss the new prices of all three golf cart types further down in this article.

Golf Cart Power Level

The next thing you need to decide is the power level you need from your cart. There are four golf cart power levels:

  • 36-Volt Golf Cart: Almost all electric golf carts before the year 1999 came with a base power level of 36-Volts. Plenty of power to get you around the golf course, which is what carts were primarily used for back then. 48-Volt carts were a luxury power option pre-1999. 
  • 48-Volt Golf Cart: After the year 2000, people began using their carts in many places off the golf course. And facilities managers demanded more from their work carts. Thus, 48-Volts became the new standard power level for electric golf carts.
  • 72-Volt Golf Cart: Not as common, and the most expensive power type. But quickly growing in popularity (and fun to drive)!
  • Gas Golf Carts: EZGO Carts are powered by 13.5HP Kawasaki gas motors. Yamaha Drive (G29) and Drive-2 carts are powered by Yamaha's QuieTech 11.5hp system (357cc). Club Car carts are powered by Subaru gas golf cart engines (discontinued).         

New vs. Used Golf Carts

New golf carts come with the latest technology and features, as well as a manufacturer's warranty, but cost more than used ones. Used golf carts, are generally more affordable but may require additional maintenance and offer limited or no warranty, depending on where you purchase.

How much is a New Golf Cart?

New golf cart prices are typically between $7,295 and $18,995. But the cost of a new golf cart varies quite dramatically depending on brand, powertrain (gas, electric, or lithium), seating capacity and options. For the table below, we used the average 4-seater golf cart, with average options, offered by the brands below. All of these brands offer 2-seater, 4-seater, 6-seater and 8-seater golf cart options. But a new factory 4-seater golf cart tends to represent the middle of the market best when it comes to pricing carts, while a 2-seater course-used (fleet) cart signifies the bottom of the market for pricing:

Average Price of New Golf Carts by Brand and Type (4-Seat)

Brand Avg. Price (All) Avg. Price of Electric Cart Avg. Price of Gas Cart Avg. Price of Lithium Cart
Club Car $15,005 $13,759 $14,133 $17,123
EZGO $12,504 $9,813 $11,211 $14,429
Yamaha $13,161 $12,685 $12,050 $14,747
ICON $12,872 $10,747 -- --
Evolution EV $10,762 $10,479 -- --
Advanced EV $9,499 $9,499 -- --



Pictured above: $9,813 for 2023 EZGO Valor 48V (left), $9,500 for 2023 ICON i40 48V (middle), $17,580 for 2023 Club Car Onward Lithium 48V (right).

**Please note: ICON, Evolution EV and Advanced EV do not currently offer Lithium options from factory. Any lithium versions of these carts you see for sale have had their batteries upgraded by the selling dealer, or owner. ICON should have a factory Lithium cart available by end of 2023.

How much is a Used Golf Cart?

Used golf cart prices usually range from $2,000 to $13,000, with the majority on our website listed between $3,500 and $9,000. Project carts may list for as low as $1,000 (non-running) or $1,500 (running) while used luxury carts, or used carts with 6-seats may list for more than $17,000.

Buying a used golf cart can be one of the best ways to save money on a really cool looking, upgraded cart. This is because many used golf carts for sale have already been personalized by their previous owners, so they may come with many cool golf cart accessories already installed on them. This saves you the money (and time) of having to buy brand new accessories for a new cart you just purchased.

Pictured from our marketplace: $2,200 for 1995 Club Car DS 36V (left), $7,650 for 2019 Yamaha Drive-2 Gas (middle), $12,675 for 2020 Club Car Onward Gas (right).

How much are New Electric Golf Carts?

New Electric golf carts average around $10,520 in price across all brands, power types, and 2-seat or 4-seat seating configurations. This calculation was made using MSRP data from manufacturers websites or data collected from our golf cart dealer network.

Electric Golf Cart Prices

  • Average price of a 36-Volt golf cart: $8,120 (these are phasing out)
  • Average price of a 48-Volt golf cart: $10,520
  • Average price of a 72-Volt golf cart: $14,350


How much do New Lithium Golf Carts cost?

Since Lithium Carts are new to the market since the year 2019, they have never been offered in 36-Volt options from the major manufacturers. Therefore, it is more helpful to look at Lithium golf cart prices (most are 48-Volt and some are 72-Volt) by Seating Capacity instead of power. Lithium carts are also not offered by all manufacturers yet. 

New Lithium golf carts average around $14,700 in price across all brands and 2-seat or 4-seat seating configurations. When you include 6-seat, the average moves up to $16,700. This calculation was made using MSRP data from manufacturers websites or data collected from our golf cart dealer network.

Lithium Golf Cart Prices

  • Average price of a 2-Seat Lithium golf cart: $13,899
  • Average price of a 4-Seat Lithium golf cart: $15,430
  • Average price of a 6-Seat Lithium golf cart: $20,740 


What are New Gas golf cart Prices?

New Gas golf carts are priced similar to new regular Electric carts, averaging around $11,985 in price across all brands and seating types. This calculation was made using MSRP data from manufacturers websites or data collected from our golf cart dealer network. Only Club Car, EZGO and Yamaha currently offer Gas Powered Golf Cart options.

New Gas golf carts all come with similar power units 11.5hp to 13.5hp. Since their power levels all tend to be similar, it is more helpful to look at gas golf cart prices by Seating Capacity instead of power.

Gas Golf Cart Prices

  • Average price of a 2-Seat Gas golf cart: $10,155
  • Average price of a 4-Seat Gas golf cart: $11,985
  • Average price of a 6-Seat Gas golf cart: $16,730



Golf cart prices depend on brand, type, power, and condition. Consider upfront and long-term expenses like maintenance and financing when choosing the right golf cart for you. Purchase your next golf cart for sale from the Golf Cart Sellers marketplace to make sure you're buying from a trusted source, and getting the best deal on your new or used golf cart.

Author: GCS Expert Staff

Date: 4-13-2023