Street Legal Golf Carts For Sale

A street legal golf cart is a cart which features all necessary equipment to be certified for legal use on the road in the United States of America. The laws which make a golf cart street legal vary depending on which state you use your cart in, and which local government requirements your municipality has in place. But typically, street legal golf carts feature 5 key things: golf cart lights (headlights & taillights), mirrors, a windshield, a horn, and seatbelts.

Street Legal Golf Cart

Street Legal Golf Cart

Golf carts have become incredibly popular since the early 2000s, not only for use on golf courses, but also as a convenient and eco-friendly way to get around residential areas, gated communities, and retirement villages. However, not all golf carts are street legal and it is important to understand what makes a golf cart street legal before driving it on public roads (so you don't get thrown in the slammer!).

In order to be deemed street legal, golf carts must meet certain safety requirements set by both the state government and local municipalities. These requirements vary, but typically require that street legal golf carts have:

  • Seat belts
  • Horn
  • Headlights & taillight w/ turn signals
  • Mirrors (sideview and rearview)
  • A windshield

Additionally, some municipalities require that golf carts are equipped with a slow moving vehicle emblem (typically an orange reflective triangle) to indicate that it is a low speed vehicle.

Street Legal golf carts must also be registered and insured, just like any regular car would be. 

Most state and local governments have restrictions on the maximum speed golf carts are allowed to travel, which is typically 25mph. They also may have restrictions on the hours of operation for golf carts, and the types of roads on which they are allowed to be driven. In some states, golf carts are only permitted to be driven on roads with a speed limit of 35 miles per hour or less, and are prohibited from driving on interstates and highways (which makes a lot of sense for safety purposes).

With the proper modifications and safety equipment, golf carts are one of the best ways to get around. By understanding what makes a golf cart street legal, you can ensure that you are driving legally and safely on public roads.

Street Legal Golf Carts listed for sale on our website are classified as being street legal by the sellers listing them. You will need to check with your local authorities to verify a cart meets the requirements to be driven on the road in your town.

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